Are you sick of being sick and tired?

There seems to be a desperate search for answers for unexplained fatigue, as we face an epidemic of fatigue, sickness and inflammation in Australia.

Countless visits with fatigue like symptoms, including routine blood work with a GP, don't seem to be providing the answers that are needed to find the culprits causing debilitating or relapsing fatigue for many patients .

In fact these days many patients are given the adrenal fatigue diagnosis due to a busy lifestyle and since this is a modern lifestyle epidemic, other infections are going undiagnosed

Stealth infections from exposure to Mold also known as Sick Building Syndrome or Bio toxins from tick bites known as Lyme's Disease can be the silent driver behind ongoing persistent fatigue and inflammation, including muscle and joint pain and acute onset of behavioural issues in children.

Stealth Infections can present with a number of symptoms such as :

  • Impaired memory or concentration that severely impacts daily functioning

  • Chronic or recurrent sore throat

  • Tender lymph nodes

  • Muscle and/or join pain

  • Headaches

  • Unrefreshing sleep

  • Brain Fog

  • Persistent Fatigue

  • Persistent Cough

  • Allergy like symptoms

  • Behavioural issues

Chronic Fatigue syndrome becomes the generalized diagnosis for many, so without a proper understanding of the infection at play, a proper treatment and road to recovery plan can't be started and so our immune system starts to dysfunction and chronic inflammation sets in.

There is hope!

There is a lot we can do to correct these imbalances, such interventions may include:

  • Order functional pathology to investigate infection

  • remove the causative agent i.e. fungal, bacteria or viral infection

  • Enhance the health and functionality of mitochondria, the energy powerhouses in our cells.

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Assist detoxification pathways - did you know the liver has 3 pathways to detox

  • Restore gut health - infections of parasite or unwanted bacteria

  • Normalise immune function - the gut is the home of your immunity

  • Provide natural pain solutions

  • Improve sleep and sleep hygiene

  • Implement diet and lifestyle changes suited to the individual

Speak with one of our Naturopath's to create your own individualized treatment plan and start your road to recovery.

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