5 reasons why you may need more Magnesium

Best form of magnesium

A vital mineral, better known as the anti stress mineral, magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical pathways, you can see why 33% of Australian's are not meeting the minimum requirement from day to day.

Magnesium has a wide array of benefits and could be the answer to improving your body composition, reducing cortisol, improving sleep, losing abdominal fat, increasing health and increasing athletic performance along with hormones production.

If you need a little more convincing you might need magnesium, here are some good reasons to start now along with what magnesium is the best option when the time comes to choosing one.

1. SLEEP & FATIGUE Some of the most common presentations seen by healthcare Practitioners are those of poor sleep and fatigue,This is because magnesium is needed to synthesise the relaxing and sleep-promoting neurotransmitters GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and melatonin, as well as being required to produce the energy your cells need to stay firing throughout the day.

2. INSULIN & DIABETES Magnesium is the mineral of insulin sensitivity because it exerts direct positive effects on the insulin receptors in each cell in the body. Sensitising the insulin receptors means your body will process sugars and starches more effectively in the treatment of any metabolic condition such as diabetes, PCOS and Weight loss

3. COFFEE & TEA contain tannins that can decrease the intestinal absorption of magnesium. Additionally, caffeine, as well as alcohol have a diuretic effect, increasing the loss of water and minerals, such as magnesium, via the urine.

4. CALMING It can help you sleep better by calming the sympathetic nervous system and in turn reducing your stress.

5. FOCUS & CONCENTRATION It is needed for optimal brain function and mental focus. Studies of children with behavioural issues (ADHD) point to low magnesium levels as a cause. Supplementing with magnesium has been shown to increase attention span, which researchers suggest is due both to its calming effects and the fact that it improves brain activity.

How to choose the right magnesium for you When it comes to choosing the right magnesium, this can be the tricky part because not all magnesium's are equal especially powders Vs Tablet form and there as so many on the retail market.

Salt forms of magnesium such as magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate are sub-optimal for replenishing magnesium levels, as they can draw water into the bowel and cause diarrhoea for some. Alternately, amino acid chelate forms, such as magnesium bisglycinate, provide optimal absorption and lower side effects when compared to other forms of magnesium available.

So next time you are shopping around for a magnesium first and foremost, if you have access to practitioner only products, this would be the most highly recommended, secondly if you need to make a choice from a retail shelf, be sure to look at the form of magnesium in the product and read the label for the true about of magnesium per dose. The true amount is the "equivalent to" amount of magnesium as shown on the picture of this article.

Magnesium sure is a vital mineral.

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