We all know what it’s like at Christmas time – eating, drinking, parties, more eating, more drinking, and more parties. While the festive season is a wonderful opportunity for a lot of us to relax, enjoy the company of our family and friends and to take a break, it can also mean overindulging on food and alcohol; and with less emphasis on exercise and eating well, a lot of us can start the New Year feeling below average.

Our bodies are designed to detoxify themselves on a daily basis. Our liver, gut, kidneys, lungs and skin all play a role in removing toxins from our system and keeping us feeling vibrant and well. When we overburden these important pathways of detoxification, we can experience symptoms of toxic overload. Symptoms such as poor concentration, lack of energy, headaches, and weight gain or digestive issues can begin to manifest, making it harder to get back into the swing of things, hindering our well-intentioned New Years resolutions.

So how do we find balance in this season of excess and overindulgence?

A simple and effective ways to help and achieve balance during the silly season is to ensure we are getting all the essential nutrients and antioxidants we need to support our body’s detoxification systems. Green smoothies are an easy and fun way to add extra nutritional support to your diet this Christmas. Read on to discover the benefits of adding whole food green smoothies to your Christmas menu.

One of the most fun things about green smoothies is that the flavour combinations are endless. You can choose your favourite seasonal fruits and keep a handy supply in the freezer. Another handy hint is to rotate the types of greens, base liquid and super foods you use, this will ensure you are getting a wonderful variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your diet. Try some of these tasty combos:

  • Raspberry and banana

  • Pineapple, ginger and lemon

  • Blueberry and peach

  • Apple and mango

Here are some quick and handy tips for successful smoothie making:

  • Blend greens and liquid base together first, then add the fruit and blend again. This will help to ensure there are no chunks of leafy greens floating around in your end product.

  • Freeze your fruit for a cool taste sensation, this can also help to use up any fruit that would otherwise go uneaten or spoil before it gets used.

  • Make the night before for a quick grab and go breakfast or snack.

  • Be adventurous – try out different combinations of flavours and foods. The addition of cucumber is refreshing and hydrating; adding avocado increases your intake of essential fats as well as giving your smoothie a creamy texture; or try green tea as the liquid base for an added antioxidant boost!


Serves 2


2 cups kale

2 cups coconut water

3 cups pineapple

¼ cup fresh mint leaves

Juice of 1 lime


1. Blend kale and coconut water until smooth.

2. Add remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

*Use frozen fruit to make smoothie cold.

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