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Lifestyle Health Team
Our Team
Naturopathic Practitioners 



Stacey Woodcroft - Naturopath & Clinic Founder-

15+ Years Experience

Women's Health| Endometriosis| PCOS|

Breast cancer | Children's Health & Behaviour








Amanda Brandt- Naturopath -

15+ Years Experience

Women's Health |Fertility |Pre Conception Care

|Children's Health 0 - 5 years








Laurelle Cheney - Practice Manager 

20+ Years Experience

Naturopath & Remedial Therapist 







Clinical Nutritionist

Rachael Singh - Clinical Nutritionist

Gut Health expert | SIBO| 

Musculoskeletal Therapist 

Aeon Xavier  - Myopractor 


Allison Foley - Remedial Therapist 

Naomi Steele  - Aromatherapist & Remedial Therapist 

Cathie Smith - Remedial Therapist 

Lisa Railton - Finch Therapy 

Our Dispensary and Wellness clinic reception is attended by qualified Naturopaths & Nutritionist as we run an acute care dispensary for acute minor ailments and also assist our clients under the care of our practitioners with ongoing inquiries and support. 


Meet Our Dispensary team 

Laurelle Cheney

Amy Wynne

Rachael Singh

Ashley Howard 

Melissa Parrella


Our Affiliate Practitioners


Sioban Laffey - Wholistic Psychologist - Specialist in Women's Health 

Dr Harjinder Kaur - Integrative GP